What Is Malted Barley?

Malted Barley (Also called mash, spent grain, brewer’s grain or just beer grain)

...is the largest byproduct of the beer brewing process consisting of the residue of malt and barley grain which remain in the mash kettle after the mashing and lautering process (which means it is removed from the brewing process prior to fermentation). It is also the largest and tastiest component of Malted Mutt treats!  Malted barley consists primarily of barley grain husks and is not only rich in malty flavor, but loaded with fiber and protein. It is also considered to be a good source of water soluble vitamins and used by many farmers in animal feed. It is quite palatable and is readily consumed by all sorts, shapes and sizes of animals and even humans.  Spent grains have many other uses; such as fertilizer, whole grains in bread, the production of bio-gas, and as an ideal medium for growing mushrooms, such as shiitake. However, we feel the best use is to make delicious Malted Mutt treats!

Craft-Brewed Treats

The malted barley flavor & texture profile changes between the style of beer brewed and the brewery; therefore it is important that we here at Malted Mutt utilize different malted barley sources from various breweries in our local area. This keeps every batch similar in recipe, but slightly unique in flavor & texture profile; like the many amazing craft brews created by our supporting brewers!

Malted Mutt Note:

You may have heard that hops are poisonous to dogs.  Although this is true, the sensitivity to hop oils varies per dog and typically requires a lot of hop ingestion for a dog to get sick. 

Putting all of that aside, the malted barley used in Malted Mutt recipes is taken before any exposure to hops occurs. We ONLY bake FRESH malted barley without hops or alcohol.

Ultimately, we make our treats for our Ziggy first (we also nibble on them on occasion), so we are very conscious of what goes into his little body (and ours).