All-Natural Ingredients

Nature’s Finest Digestive Fibers

The Malted Mutt offers a variety of natural, carefully selected and blended ingredients that are rich in flavor and fiber, to provide your dog with the highest quality organic treat anywhere.


Grains featured in Malted Mutt treats are removed from the brewing process prior to fermentation, and then slow-baked & dehydrated to remove all traces of alcohol. (Click the MALTED BARLEY tab to learn more).


Our treats do not contain any hops, a potentially dangerous canine allergen for some dogs. Our grains are removed from the brewing process before hops are added.

Free of Corn, Soy and Artificial Preservatives

Although common in many dog treats and foods, these ingredients can cause a number of health issues in dogs over time. We go out of our way to keep Malted Mutt treats as natural and junk-free as possible.

Simple Ingredients

We strive to keep our ingredients as simple and healthy as possible and locally-source those ingredients when available by area farmers.

Our treats may include any of the following ingredients:  

Locally-Crafted MALTED BARLEY from area brewers, Low-Gluten Flour, Natural Oats, Homemade Natural Peanut Butter, Organic Fruits (Apples, Bananas, etc.), Carob Chips, Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses, Local Natural Honey, & Good Music!

Specialty Treats

The Malted Mutt also enjoys creating holiday, birthday and other special occasion treats. We have carob (a dog-friendly chocolate alternative) and yogurt available for dipping, drawing and other fun tricks for any occasion.

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