Want To Know More About Malted Mutt treats?

My dog is allergic to wheat...Are they Gluten-Free?
We make our treats with a LOW-GLUTEN flour to minimize any allergens, but they are made with a barley grain and NOT Gluten FREE. 

Is there BEER in your treats?
No, there is NO BEER in our treats because alcohol (or hops for that matter) is not good for dogs. We use what brewers call "spent grain." This means the barley has been soaked in malted water and rinsed off in the initial brewing process (the “lautering” process). Brewers use the liquid “wort” to create beer, and the grain is then “spent” and often donated to farmers at this point. We prefer to call it MALTED BARLEY at this point and re-purpose it to create our treats. The malted barley high in fiber, protein, and other nutrients good for animals and humans alike. Most dogs love the malty delicious taste!



Which breweries do you work with? 
Due to the growing number of breweries in our area, Malted Mutt rotates with several breweries. We have worked with Waddell's Brewpub & Grille, River City Brewing, English Setter Brewing (Spokane Valley), Perry Street Brewing,
 Iron Goat Brewing, Black Label Brewing, Steam Plant Brewing, Mad Bomber (Hayden), Daft Badger (CDA) & even local home brewers. We continue to search for new breweries to source our FRESH malted barley. **See our "BREWERIES" tab above.** We look forward to partnering with several more breweries in the Spokane/ CDA area as we grow. Not only does it provide a use for the malted barley bi-product beyond the brewery, but it allows a craft-brewed treat to be enjoyed by your anxious dog at home. Each batch of barley we receive is unique in flavor profile to the brewery and beer it was brewed for; therefore, our four-legged friends can enjoy the craft beer industry as much as we do!

Where can I buy Malted Mutt treats?
If you live in the Spokane/ Post Falls/ CDA area, please visit our "Where To Buy
" page to buy Malted Mutt treats at a store near you. 

If you're not in the area, you can order online HERE.

If I order online, when can I expect to get my treats?

If you live in the area, we can have your treats to you within 3-5 days, or available at the Kendall Yards Night Market every Wednesday between 4-8 PM during mid May-October months.

If not in the area, you can expect to receive your treats within 5 to 7 business days through USPS Priority mail.

For local supporting businesses, we will make sure you are always supplied with the Malted Mutt treats you need and can usually support last-minute orders within 72 hours.

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