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Thanks for visiting our site. You have found the best little dog treat secret of the Inland Northwest area!

Malted Mutt treats are hand-crafted & home-baked dog treats made using malted barley from local craft breweries. We simply add locally-sourced & all-natural ingredients to every treat. Our hand-made treats contain NO artificial ingredients or preservatives, NO hops & NO alcohol. (ONLY MALTY GOODNESS!)

In other words, our treats are absolutely healthy & safe! That makes us feel good about what is going into the body of our dog and yours.

We invite you to try Malted Mutt treats and are confident your dog will love them!

Malted Mutt appreciates your support and we wish you and your canine friend(s) health, happiness & lots of adventure!

-Katie & Ziggy (The Malted Mutt Team)